illustration services

We specialise in illustration for numerous industry, from business literature and promotional material to children’s story book illustration and toy packaging and development. The illustrators at Creative Bone are flexible in both their style and approach, so if you have a particular look or style in mind, whether that be Disneyesque, Anime, Hanna Barbara or something completely new, we have the right illustrator for your job.

We have been very successful in creating illustrative campaigns for a variety of corporate clients who have wanted to create an impact campaign for a certain product.

Our extensive back catalogue of work means that we can usually offer up a particular look, design idea or concept from previous successful campaigns to show you exactly what can be achieved, and because all of our illustrators are traditional artists as well as digital, we are able to produce hand drawn or digital work.

We work within a number of mediums but for full integration we build extensively in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, this enables us to produce work that will run directing into yours or your print providers workflow.

Speaking of print workflow, we work in partnership with a couple of print companies which enables us to quote and deliver from design to delivery on the smallest to the largest of productions.

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