You already know that promotional video production is one of the most cost effective and progressive ways of getting your message across and driving traffic to your business. Within a simple one minute film you can maintain an audiences attention and deliver over two pages worth of text content in an entertaining, concise and informative manner. Leaving that lasting impression or the craving to learn more, make contact or take up a service is what you need. So whether you are looking for a simple promotional  video,  a health and safety film, a web advert or internal communications delivery message, we do it all, and we do it exceptionally well….and we win awards!


Corporate Video


Driving your businesses message has never been more important. Whether you are looking at internal or external communications the corporate video has progressed drastically from its 80’s birth and engaging and informative short films are how to deliver your message in the most concise and audience engaging manner.

explainer films and animated video production


Explainer films have become the buzz word for businesses recently and at Creative Bone we have embraced this. Designed to do what they say on the tin, creating a short animated film that showcases exactly what your business is all about is a skill on its own. Luckily you have found the experts so look no further.


Gone are the days of people falling clumsily into the trash compactor. We build health and safety films that are designed to inform and educate of the dangers in the work place. Intelligently scripted and storyboarded to achieve maximum effect, we specialise in delivering your message so its digested not endured.

training film and video production


Bringing your employees up to speed on new or existing work practices and techniques can be a long and drawn out process. We work with you and your business so you can build a catalogue of training films that address the importance of these techniques and act as a comprehensive guild for existing and new employees.


Whether on your website, exhibition stand or online mailers, animated logos are a cost effective way of adding a bit of professional bang to your corporate image. At Creative Bone we can take an initial design and make that into a show stopping, animated logo, guaranteed to make an impact.


We have developed some incredible, show stopping promotional video over the years. Designed to make potential clients stop in their tracks, these films are usually high concept, engaging content that play on screens at your exhibition stand or on your website front page. As they stop to watch you are there ready to take that engagement to the next level.

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