Pimp My Stormtrooper

Each year we decide to tackle a new personal project, one that takes us away from the humdrum life of making films, music and toys and do something that is a million miles away from the day to day. ㋡

Like previous projects such as:

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This would be a nice slice of nostalgia….

For a few years now, Dave the Stormtrooper has stood on a little metal stand in the corner of the room, keeping guard over the various toys, props and other random retro goodies. This year we decided to give Dave a new place to stand, one inspired by the greatest Star Wars film in the series ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.


Taking inspiration from the carbon freezing chamber, we wanted to design a plinth that wasn’t just a straight ‘carbon’ copy of the flooring from that scene but one that showcased Dave as an individual and a worthy member of the Imperial Empire.



The first port of call was the design, size and layout. I knew I wanted to homage the grills but wanted a stand out symbol on top, one that gave out a little more light and also was symbolic of the Empire. The shape of the plinth was designed to fit in the corner of a room but also to showcase Dave without being too imposing and taking up too much space.


The next step was getting the design over to our good friends at Made With Robots ( https://www.facebook.com/MadeWithRobotsUK ). With a few design tweaks , mainly to fatten up some of the support structures as well as reducing the number of cut outs in the side panels, we set the design and got the CNC machine cutting away. The precise nature of the cuts and routing are second to none with a CNC machine, this would have taken a decent carpenter an age to get right and before long we were ready to move to the next stage.



Speaking of decent carpenters, I quickly headed over to expert builder, chippy and all round decent guy Fabs of Fabs Designs. (https://www.fabsdesigns.co.uk). Having all the right tools and skills, within minutes the cut pieces were mitred, glued, pinned and suddenly we had a plinth worthy of the Imperial paint shop.

Filling and sanding was a pretty speedy process but one thing that did become apparent was that MDF is a real pain once it has been cut or routed to get smooth. PVA as well as filler and still losing the furry nature of the cut MDF was a difficult process. In hindsight I would have tried either a wood sealer or varnish before tackling the cut and routed edges, instead I was left with a messy finish in the routed top which wasn’t going away anytime soon. I either had to recut the top or find a way to live it. Originally I wanted a very clean looking plinth but because off this issue the only quick answer was weathering the whole thing, something I’ve been against before. A quick trip to Hobby Craft and I came back with some bolt gun metal, silver and rust colours. Stippling and dry brush application and the plinth started to gain a weathered and worn look that was growing on me, it also covers a multitude of sins and screw ups.


Made With Robots had CNC’d a sheet of clear polystyrene board, which they wouldn’t recommend as it melts too quickly and sticks to the cutting tools. My ears are still melting from the abuse but with a bit of gentle persuasion from a rubber mallet, each piece, having been backed with frosted vinyl, fitted snuggly into its new cut out home.

The prongs that fit into Dave’s feet were attached and a nice set of wifi controlled LED lighting strips were fitted inside, obviously set to the ominous orange glow of the Carbon Freezing Chamber.


Now, like most 40 something men, Dave suffers from soft body syndrome. He could probably do with a bit of mannequin viagra and in the future I may  just invest in a more solid body but this little project had taken up a bit more time than I had hoped, so until then he will have a slightly jaunty and inquisitive pose.


Hindered by a pandemic and some cack handed drilling, this post is sponsored by Liquid Skin. I wasnt going to the hospital anytime soon and with the need to continually wash my hands, steristrips weren’t cutting the mustard. I was introduced to Liquid Skin and being an expert in DIY injuries this is a game changer, if only Rambo had a tube of this stuff. Note kids, don’t put fingers near drills….



Staying Out For The Summer

We recently produced this promotional brand film for O’Neill. Taking in the last day of summer, four boys go out on the water in search of adventure. Produced by Creative Bone and directed by Alessandra Scherillo.



Automated Exhibitionists

We were once again asked to produce exhibition artwork for Endoline Automation for PPMA 2019. This year they would be unveiling a new sister company (Endoline Robotics) and so it was decided that we would produce a yin/yang style piece for both brands, showing contrasting colour schemes but with a common thread. With both stands opposite one and other, the effect was very well received and once again a very happy client.



Robotics On Show

PPMA 2019 was a grand unveiling for new brand Endoline Robotics. Not only had we produced the exhibition artwork but also we had been intrinsic in helping create a brand identity that stood strongly on its own but also had a unity with its sister company Endoline Automation.




Absolutely Fab-ulous

We had built Fabs Designs a very cool Flash based website over ten years ago. The business had grown considerably since then but changes in technology, the advent of more and more mobile surfing as well as browser stopping supporting flash, this meant that the site was well over due a make-over. The client wanted to keep the artwork we originally designed but wanted a mobile friendly version that was up to date and SEO friendly. The result was this very tidy and original looking website that the client was delighted with.



Bang Up To Date!

With the announcement that Endoline were creating their sister company, Endoline Robotics, we were tasked with updating the Endoline website. The client wanted to maintain the structure of the original site but bring the new branding into play. Clean and stylish with a Yin/Yang feel to complement the darker grey tones of Endoline Robotics, we bought new life to the website with simple nips and tucks, a refined colour palette and cohesive branding with the Endoline Robotics website.



Travel the world and through time

We were asked by educational travel experts – Archaeomuse, to build their brand-new website. Not a small task by any means, we worked closely with the client as well as super talented artist David Cousons to create this original and informative website that shows just whats on offer to those who are looking for that something extra from their holidays. Not content with laying on a beach for two weeks, create a bespoke holiday package that takes in the wonders of the world whilst exploring the history of these great locations.





Stronger Together…

Endoline wanted to produce a promo video that announced the arrival of Endoline Robotics, a new sister venture in partnership with Fanuc, a key provider of robotics systems. The ethos of the film was to show that strong partnerships can create exciting an new opportunities. We sprinkled in a bit of sci-fi magic and the end result was very well received.


The robots are coming!!

Having a long-standing creative relationship with Endoline, we were tasked with bringing life to their brand-new business – Endoline Robotics. They wanted everything to scream Endoline but at the same time be something new and fresh. Keeping with the existing logo template we created various logo updates and colour palettes before settling on the chosen grey, white, black and yellow. The website had to have all the functionality of Endoline Automation but have an updated and refined feel to it. The end result sits very comfortably as a partner site to the original Endoline Automation site but with an identity all of its own.

Keeping your head as well as your fingers!!

We were asked to help the guys at Smith Metals create a serious of impact images for a safety campaign they are running. The client didn’t want ‘off the shelf’ images as these tend to be easily forgotten, instead opting for the images to show exactly what could happen on their own machines if staff do not take the right safety precautions. Using a multitude of techniques both in camera and in post production, we created a set on images that show the very real dangers that are easily forgotten about in the day to day running of one of the countries leading metal stockists.