Heavy metal video production….

A good couple of weeks working with the guys at Biggleswade based Smiths Metals. Completed video production on their new promotion film about the technical services they supply to the metals and materials industry with  great use of a Sony FS700 shooting 800 frames per second to capture a huge pendulum hitting a test material. Mostly shot on a Sony F5 and Prime lenses, complimented by a footage’s great little shark slider, helped produce some great images to match the fantastic content. A good few days edit and another quality video production delivered to a very happy customer. Looking forward to many more with Smiths.

Creative-Bone-Video-Production-Smiths-Metals1  Creative-Bone-video-Production-Smiths-Metals2 Creative-Bone-video-Production-Smiths-Metals3 Creative-Bone-video-Production-Smiths-Metals4 Smith-Metals-behind-the-scenes1 Smith-Metals-behind-the-scenes2

Securing your future…..

A great few months working with the very experienced and successful Bedfordshire based marketing agency Renew Marketing. They had a very distinct vision for an offshore investment company they were marketing and felt that video production was a strong area that needed attention when promoting this international business. Seeing benefits of both live action as well as animated video production, the decision was made to produce a number of both formats as certain key areas were deemed more likely to appeal having a presenter led film, where others were more stylistic impact films. A good couple of months production time and Creative Bone delivered five films that the client was ecstatic film.

Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Animated-Film1 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Animated-Film2 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production1 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production2 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production-Behind-The-Scenes2 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production-Behind-The-Scenes3Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production-Behind-The-Scenes1

Toy Design Italian Style…..

A great little Toy Design job came in for one of the biggest toy companies in world, Giochi Preziosi. Due to not un-common, non disclosure contract we can’t go intomany details, but what I will say is that it is very coooool…..

Watch this space as hopefully we reveal the project in the coming months.



Vodafone comes to Creative Bone….

Working with another exceptional agency based in Lemington Spa, 44 Communications came to us for some imaginative video production for Vodafone. Having worked with 44 a few times before, they knew are work would fit right in with Vodafone and together we produced a great little sting film that VF were very happy with.


Creative-Bone-Vodafone2  Creative-Bone-Vodafone3 Creative-Bone-Vodafone1

80’s/90s Mash up….

A bit of 80’s/90’s retro badness on a blustery Tuesday morning…..