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A great few months working with the very experienced and successful Bedfordshire based marketing agency Renew Marketing. They had a very distinct vision for an offshore investment company they were marketing and felt that video production was a strong area that needed attention when promoting this international business. Seeing benefits of both live action as well as animated video production, the decision was made to produce a number of both formats as certain key areas were deemed more likely to appeal having a presenter led film, where others were more stylistic impact films. A good couple of months production time and Creative Bone delivered five films that the client was ecstatic film.

Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Animated-Film1 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Animated-Film2 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production1 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production2 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production-Behind-The-Scenes2 Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production-Behind-The-Scenes3Creative-Bone-Renew-Marketing-Video-Production-Behind-The-Scenes1

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